Saturday, October 31, 2009

my study....

this is a little info that i want to share about my study,all in english(not
because i want to show off,
but i want to improve my english)if u notice any mistake pls feel free to
correct it by comment..i am student not lecturer..
lets read bout it.............

 this is front view of my institute

 some of my classmate

i am a student of adtec shah alam,in a certificate level of course aviation maintenance technology..
a new course developed by memorandum of understanding between kementerian sumber manusia(KSM) and NADI in 12 august 2005..............
my course divided into 2 thread:
  • mechanical
  • avionic
i am mechanical student,learn about engine and airframe of aircraft..this course takes two years to be completed,so just left 1 year for graduate..diz year i am learning bout engine thread,so airframe will be covered by next year,hehe....
if reffered on the schedule for my batch each 3 month we are required to do on job training(ojt) in AIROD,but just if we are required by AIROD sdn.bhd..there is some pic when i do last ojt in there

 this is pic with my friend taken beside c-130

it is me in the cockpit of c-130

hehe,i like to do work in AIROD than study in class..even do work make me tired but better than sleep in the class...
in our course safety is number one,because when we talk about aircraft it is involving silly mistake in this job,even one screw can make it crash..  that's all for this time,thank 4 ur time..


  1. i love ur written..keep it going fren..
    gud luck=)

  2. keep on on posting on english..u'll improved InsyAllah..

  3. wow...salam dari seniour kamu...bekas ketua pelajar aviation batch 2008/2009..:-)..wallpaper kat atas sekali tue...saya yang buatkan!...terima kasi kerana masih sharing around...actually to improve much more in english...must always communicate in english..!gud luck