Sunday, February 7, 2010

hurmm,i dont know………

i dont feel want to greet more,it enough just that…i am not in mood tonight,i dont know why i can’t sleep tonight maybe it is becoz i have sleep after maghrib…actually i dont know what to say even i have so many thing that i want to say…sometimes i think so many things about my life,what i will be after i finished my study,what i want in my life,what is the thing i feel i’m not satisfied yet with my life just now..
my fren said he made blog to to say what she wants to say..just like diary..i have so many things i planned to do but juz a few things of those i have done…but about the other things i dont know where is it..juz like my study,in the beginning i dont feel so lazy like now,i want to achieve my target..i want to be chief engineer,it just like a dream to someone like me…with my little knowledge,with my english,with my attitude,so lazy to study…i really want to change my life,i dont want to live so hard,i want to be someone that people surrounding of me can be proud of..hurmmm,the final exam for module 3(engine) past already,but i is so dissapointed,it is a prove that i am not good,my instructor also disappointed..he told me himself that i was disappointed him,but what can i do..i also dont want that to be happened,what is past was’s not like i can go back to change it even i cry..there is 1 more module 2(airframe) that i can still work hard on,if i am not struggle in this also i dont know…i think there is it what i want to say,i feel better now..i know there is mistake in this post but i dont care what  people want to say,i will do what i should to change my life..there is so many time i heard this word:`english is very important in aviation’ it is look like there no other way for me to work in this field except improve my english…i hope so there is someone can read and correct me when u notice any mistake..i dont care what people want to say about my english but i care about my english…i want to improve it,thanks for whom read this post for ur time…ok ya,thanks…….

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